Therapeutic Recreational Services

Therapeutic recreation seeks to promote the capacity and ability of groups and individuals to make self-determined and responsible choices, in light of their needs to grow, to explore new perspectives and possibilities, and to realize their full potential. Leisure presents opportunities to experience mastery, learn new skills, meet new people, deepen existing relationships, and develop a clearer sense of self.

Better Effects of the Therapeutic Services

All individuals are intrinsically motivated toward behavior in which they can experience competence and self-determination. It then follows that many individuals with disabilities and/or illnesses may experience more frequent, severe, or lasting barriers. Therapeutic recreation services should build skills and provide participants with options for participation. The client experiences less freedom of choice during treatment services than any other category of therapeutic recreation service.…

A Piece of Paradise

A vacant lot at our backyards does not have to stay like that forever. Why not try putting them to a pretty good use like beautifying our once boring vacant spaces?

Cultivating the soil in order to plant flower-bearing beauties gives us not just the thought of starting to be a responsible caretaker, but also it encourages us to be a visionary.

Filling our vacant lots with colorful daisies and brilliant orchids would not just give us something to invest our time with, it is also a an interesting learning experience because we get to study characteristics of plants and find out how to grow them gracefully giving us a piece of paradise in a matter of months.…

An Uncertain Circumstance

In a world full of uncertainties, we always keep it to a point in our lives to live it without expecting anything at all from others. Though honestly, it is quite remarkable on how we thought that the people whom we trusted so much, the people who we thought that will always be there, those people whom we thought that will always be just one call away will always, ALWAYS be there, available and just like a superhero, always to the rescue. But then, when things and circumstances happen, we were proven wrong. And just like life, love is also full of its own mysteries, full of its own uncertainties. And with those mysteries, there comes the challenges, the dares, and the undaunted emotions that we kept hidden for such a very long time to share with that special person we’re bonded with to get along or accept those uncertainties, those circumstances that had always been lurking around without us even knowing. With those uncertainties, there lies courage and strength. The courage and strength, those emotions and desire that we kept in our own secret cellar, the emotions that had been waiting for a long period of time for someone to unlock and to set free.


Before falling deeply into love, we have to go to a certain point in our lives and give that certain individual the chance to get to know you and for you to get to know them, get to know each other’s deeper thoughts, know each other’s deeper feelings. Thus, dating comes in. In every aspect of a person’s relationship, or any relationship that is, dating had been the key to get to know the person, any person better. Dating doesn’t only mean you get to go out with a person you’re interested with, no. Dating may come in any form. May it be dating with a friend, asister or one of your family circles, a colleague or maybe someone you just met through a friend. It had been made to a point that dating was and always will be the key to any successful relationship, may it be the beginning or the end.


As you can see, a person’s life is full of mysteries and uncertainties for honestly, you can never tell what’s going to happen after a minute or even seconds of your life. And one of those uncertainties is the chance to meet someone you can spend the rest of your life with. That certain chance, or you can say circumstance  rather, will give you the most life changing events of your life. That circumstance that was made by God can be created once you’ve opened yourself up and let it be free with someone and to spend all your happiest and most miserable days o your life. And the one thing to do so is giving someone a chance to BE a part of your life, giving someone even just a mere hour or two to get to know you, get to know your thoughts and by doing so at least you haven’t been selfish, you’re just testing circumstances life gives you especially when it comes to love.…